Kathryn Graham is the Executive Director of Performance Management and Evaluation at Alberta Innovates, a Canadian‐based publicly‐funded provincial health research and innovation organization. She is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (FCAHS), co‐founder of the International School on Research Impact Assessment, and Director of the School when it was hosted in Banff in 2014. She has over 25 years of strategic evaluation experience in health care, and health research and innovation R(&I). Her expertise is in developing performance management, evaluation, impact strategies, and implementing assessment frameworks for complex systems and organizations. She and her team successfully implemented the CAHS (2009) health research impact framework and was instrumental in its application nationally and internationally. Kathryn is an organizational psychologist, bridge builder and advisor on numerous expert committees that focus on achieving R&I impact in health, agriculture, energy and the environment. She is frequently invited to present nationally and internationally.