De Vos

Postdoctoral Fellow

Pieter de Vos is a facilitator, documentary photographer, and engaged academic. Prior to joining ECN, he facilitated over 400 projects with community-based and public sector organizations of varying sizes and complexities in Canada and abroad. His assignments ranged from leading strategic planning and change management sessions with executive teams throughout the provincial government; to stewarding human-centred design labs to prototype social innovations; to leading large-scale public participation processes on topics such as patient engagement, the opioid epidemic, suicide prevention, inclusion for LGBTQ+ communities, and affordable housing and homelessness. For the past three years, Pieter has been one of the Co-Leads of the Eval Lab, which helps nonprofits integrate evaluative thinking into their practices for decision-making and adaptation.

Pieter has a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Alberta as well as a MSc in Public Health. His previous research focused on using narrative and visual methods to explore community understandings of home and belonging in an informal settlement in South Africa. Over the past several years, Pieter has enriched his practice by using participatory photography, digital storytelling, and arts-based methods to enhance dialogue and deliberation. He has facilitated workshops using these methods in Kenya, Sweden, Tanzania, Pakistan, Haiti, and the USA. Outputs from these projects can be found at: www.pieterdevos.ca