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Our ECN members create many types of resources and are delighted to make them available to you. Click on the tabs below to browse blogs, articles, reports, and media stories coming from our network!

Promoting Evaluative Thinking in Everyday Practice: Eval Lab 2.0

An interview with Dr. Bethan Kingsley, an Eval Lab facilitator and former ECN postdoctoral fellow

UEval: A New Model of Evaluative Learning

“Evaluation is key to unpacking what works, why it works and what is needed to establish long-lasting change”

5 Insights from Taking a Principles-Based Approach to Measurement

Ryan Lacanilao from Alberta Health shares his reflections on principles-based evaluation

It's All About the Principles

Teresa Mejia, Project Manager for the All in for Youth evaluation, reflects on the principles-focused approach

Developmental Evaluation

What is developmental evaluation and why would I use it? Julia Roy, ECN trainee, shares her thoughts.

Terra Brentwood Project: Developing a Model of Supportive Housing for Teen Parents

The ECN, Terra Centre, and Brentwood Housing Society partner to address a complex social issue

March 2021
March 2021
May 2019
Fall 2017

Evaluation in the Field of Early Childhood Development: A Scoping Review

Evaluation Journal of Australasia | March 2022

Responding to the Evaluation Capacity Needs of the Early Childhood Field: Insights from a Mixed Methods Community-based Participatory Design

Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation | March 2022

UEval: Bringing Community-Based Experiential Learning to the Evaluation Classroom

Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation | March 2021

Competency-Based Evaluation Education: Four Essential Things to Know and Do

Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation | March 2021

Evaluation Capacity: A Critical Tool for Social Innovation

CUP Annual Report | May 2019

Developing an Evaluation Capacity Building Network in theField of Early Childhood Development

Engaged Scholar Journal | Fall 2017
October 2021
April 2017
September 2016
December 2015

EvalByte: Helping Nonprofits Navigate a Complex World Through Strategic Learning

Evaluation Capacity Network: Fall 2023 Partner Report

EvalByte: The All in For Youth Initiative: Year 6 Evaluation

EvalByte: Alberta Compensation Framework Project

EvalByte: Building Evaluation Capacity with Diverse Needs in Alberta’s Mentoring Sector

EvalByte: Journeys through Early Learning and Childcare: Experiences of Ethnocultural Families (Part 2)

EvalByte: Tackling Challenge Areas in Evaluation

Evaluating Ourselves: A Summary of Findings from the Second Year of our Partnership Evaluation

EvalByte: LaboEval

EvalByte: Documenting the Development of the New Canadians Health Centre (part 2)

EvalByte: ECN Partnership Evaluation Year 2

EvalByte: Childhood Educator Wage Grid

CUP Impacts 2022: Evaluation Capacity Network

EvalByte: Documenting the Development of the New Canadians Health Centre

EvalByte: Evaluating an Innovative Model of Experiential Co-Learning

EvalByte: Journeys through Early Learning and Childcare: The Experience of Cultural Minority Families

EvalByte: Bringing Awareness to Children, Youth, and Families’ Mental Health During the Pandemic

EvalByte: Creating Workforce Stability in the Early Learning and Child Care Sector

Evaluating Ourselves: What We Learned

Evaluation Capacity Building Survey Results

What We Heard: Advancing Meaningful Evaluation in the Field of Early Childhood

Advancing Evaluation Practices in the Field of Early Childhood Development

September 2021
UAlberta Folio Story: Public Health Students Help Community Groups Improve Programs Through Evaluation
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