An Introduction to Mixed and Multiple Methods in Evaluation (Lecture)

Explore the differences between mixed and multiple methods, when and why to use mixed methods, and designs that guide mixed methods in evaluation.

Dr. Cheryl Poth, Credentialed Evaluator

Data Collection and Analysis (Webinar)

Learn about methods for collecting, analyzing, and summarizing evaluation information. Explore ethical considerations when conducting community-based evaluations.

Rebecca Gokiert, Jason Daniels & Roxanne Felix-Mah

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EvalLab: A Conversation with Mark Cabaj

Tune into Session 5 of this year's EvalLab, a facilitated conversation with Mark Cabaj, Associate of Tamarack Institute and President of From Here to There.

Mark Cabaj, Bethan Kingsley & Pieter de Vos

Watch EvalLab Session 5

UEval  |  June 7 -11, 2021

What is it?

UEval is an experiential learning course for students and community stakeholders to sustainably build evaluation capacity. Course objectives have been developed to align with the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) core competencies for evaluation work. UEval is designed to accommodate beginners with no prior evaluation experiences as well as those with advanced evaluation knowledge.

When and Where?

For the safety of our students, community informants, and instructors, our one-week evaluation institute will most likely be offered online again this year, from Monday, June 7 to Friday June 11, 2021. Look forward to co-learning with a diverse group across disciplines and sectors from the comforts of your home!

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PROPER Summer Institute  | Postponed to 2021

What is it?

The Summer Institute brings together university students and community-based practitioners to learn together about evaluation. The Summer Institute combines lectures, case studies and group work to introduce the concepts of participatory evaluation for improved planning and delivery.

When and Where?

The 2020 Summer Institute has been cancelled with the temporary closing of the University of Manitoba, and will now be held in the summer of  2021 at the University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus.

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Look forward to more learning opportunities in evaluation!

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