Create Knowledge

through collaborative research and evaluation projects

Through co-created research and evaluation projects, we are discovering and testing promising approaches to improving the creation and use of culturally responsive and contextualized evidence that informs local practice, programs and policy.

Check out our current and ongoing projects:

Student Thesis Project
Collaborative Learning Initiative
Community-Engaged Research & Evaluation (CERE) Funded Project

Experiential Evaluation Learning

A one-week evaluation institute at the University of Alberta. Designed as an interactive, experiential, and case-based curricular course for undergraduates, graduates, and community stakeholders. UEval aims to foster sustainable evaluation capacity within the community. Click to learn more!

Deepening Understandings of Evaluation

A series of five scoping reviews to explore evaluation gaps, assets, opportunities, and priorities in the early childhood field and broader social sector. Click to learn more!

Overview of Community-Based Evaluation

The purpose of this project is to introduce capacity building tools that emphasize an approach to evaluation that is community-driven, participatory and action-oriented. This project will provide support to individuals and organizations in the early childhood field who want to learn about how to take a community-based approach to their evaluations. More details to come!

Manitoba Northern and Rural Institute in Program Evaluation

A remote training opportunity for community-based and Indigenous organizations, early childhood, health, and social agencies, located in northern and rural areas of Manitoba. A major emphasis will be to partner with various Indigenous communities and organizations to advance Indigenous approaches to evaluation. This initiative will include training, development of evaluation plans, and follow-up support to participating organizations. The model of learning will provide a mix of theoretical, technical, and practical hands-on learning formants. More details coming soon!

Valuable Opportunities to Inspire Change through
Empowerment (VOICE)

VOICE focuses on facilitating meaningful conversations and curriculum for university and professional level athletes to engage in conversations surrounding gender-based violence in the community. Through collaborative efforts, CUP and the ECN will work with the organization to build evaluation capacity, support evaluation and help facilitate the most efficient and effective means of educating athletes about gender-based violence and developing skills to help them become mentors for children. More details coming soon!

All in for Youth

The All in For Youth (AIFY) initiative is a school-based, collaborative model of services and programs for children, youth, and families that support the overall wellbeing of students to help them achieve success in their schooling. These collaborative and wraparound supports include student mentoring, mental health supports, family supports, nutrition support, school supports, and out of school care. AIFY is currently running in 5 inner-city schools in Edmonton spanning elementary to high school age children. Click to learn more!

The New Canadians Health Centre (NCHC)

The NCHC is a refugee-focused community health centre, where a coordinated, multidisciplinary team of medical staff, allied community members and professionals will collaboratively provide a holistic model of culturally and linguistically appropriate health and social supports. The centre will open in summer 2021 and will serve up to 2,000 government-assisted refugees, privately sponsored refugees, and refugee claimants annually. ECN is working in collaboration with the NCHC Board to develop an evaluation framework. More details coming soon!


An evaluation capacity building initiative for the refugee-serving sector, in collaboration with the Centre for Community Based Research. Click to learn more!

We seek to foster innovative evaluation capacity building in the early childhood field through co-created projects with network partners, drawing on tools and methodological advancements as well as new approaches developed by community partners. Do you have a unique community-engaged project in mind? Connect with one of our network partners to explore a collaboration!

Browse our completed projects:

Successful Families Program

Developing a model of supportive housing for teen families using an evaluative approach. Click to learn more!

Social Bridging, Belonging, and Integration in the Syrian Refugee Community

Centering the experience of Syrian refugees, this study establishes a foundation to explore social bridging in greater theoretical depth as well as to improve social bridging support practices for refugees. More details coming soon!